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アロハ〜🤙 Aloha!




Triple Crown contests which three contests that occur on the North Shore have been very successful. Finally, it’s getting into Pipe Masters, the last event, the most important event that has been attracted many people from all over the world. 



I am one of them who gets so excited about what’s going on the contests. They are such great surfers! For example, Frederico Morais who won Hawaiian Pro and Jack Robinson who won Vans World Cup were just like a magician. They can show their performance as you can do it. I don’t see any struggle from them even with the junk waves.  As I see such a performance, makes me want to surf automatically. I believe, not only me thinking this way but also many many people. 



Thus I want to introduce the most valuable board Snoopy’s Surf Shop has. The reason why I’m introducing now to you is Christmas. Now is the time for Christmas Shopping!


機能: function


Length is little less than 8feet which makes flotation better; It’s between a longboard and a shortboard therefore easy to carry. It’s easier to catch waves than shortboard. It’s perfect for the waves that have no power such as waves in Japan. If you are aiming to have fun surging time, this board would be perfect for you.



価値; value


In fact, not so many people realized how valuable this board is. The shaper of this board is one of significant shaper/surfer in surfing history.  You might heard his name, Dick Brewer. He is the legend. He has been shaping more than half-decade!! So many professional surfers can tell you how nice his boards are. He is 83 years old now therefore that makes more valuable. It is kinda miracle that Snoopy and he got collaboration!!




I want to show this board well so I asked one of the workers to bring out from the board rack.




I guarantee you, this board would be the best Christmas present ever you/him/ her to receive!


See you next time.





Address(住所) 66-239 Kamehameha Hwy,Haleiwa, HI 96712

Tel(電話) 1 (808) 637-9401

Open Hours; 10 am to 6 pm  開店時間 午前10時〜午後6時 土日も同じ

WEB: https://snoopysurf.com


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