やっと見つけた★SNOOPY メインマークTシャツ

2018年夏にハワイ発のPEANUTSオフィシャルショップ SNOOPY’S SURF SHOPがオープンしました。


In the summer of 2018, the PEANUTS official shop SNOOPY ’S SURF SHOP from Hawaii opened.

And here is the first main mark T-shirt made ♪


サーフボードを抱え“JOE SURFER”の文字が入った真っ白いT シャツを着たスヌーピーに会いに来てね

Currently, the first Haleiwa store is scheduled to move, so this T-shirt is only available at the second Diamond Head store.

Now on sale!

Come see Snoopy in her shirt, holding a surfboard and a white T with the words “JOE SURFER” on it!