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The first triple crown contest which happened at Haleiwa Ali’i beach finished on the last weekend.



It was such a nice excited contest since the waves were about 4 to 8 feet ( Hawaiian scale) for the entire contest.



The weather was also very good for those contest days.



All competitors were the best of the best from all over the world and you could see the excellent performance at any time during the contest. So many people came to the beach and enjoyed their performance,  especially Kelly Slater, 47 years old, who became eleventh- time World Champion.  He made many moments to show not only classic style of surfing but also modern style. It’s inspiring for the older surfers to see his surfing that is still improving!




Although all veterans were eliminated on the semifinal. The finalists were Frederico Moris (PRT), 27 years old, Leonardo Fioravanti(ITA), 21 years old, Matthew McGillivary (ZAF), 22 years old, Ethan Ewing(AUS), 21 years old. Even though the wave condition was pretty tough to ride, they all surf like a piece of cake. Every one of them marked 6 points for the ride. But  Frederico had two of those 6 points rides thus he won and lead the Triple Crown rase.



The second contest of the Triple Crown of Surfing had been started with the same swell as the Haleiwa final day. The contest location is at Sunset beach. If you are in Hawaii,  you really should go and see the contest. It is going to be so exciting!



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