メネフネ(キッズ)サーフィンコンテスト開催中:North Shore Menehune Surf Contest





How are you, everybody?





The winter waves start as soon as September comes, usually. On those fresh waves, many kids surf very excitedly. That’s how North Shore is since 40 years




理由は、10月に行われる子供達のサーフィンコンテスト。今年で40年目。レジェンド レディースサーファーのレル・サンが友達の誕生日パーティーとして遊びで大会をやり、それがきっかけで、ずっと今まで続いているアットホームな大会です。

That’s because, on October there is a big event on the North Shore for surfer kids. This year, the contest would be 40th one. The first one was run by the lady’s legend surfer, Rell Sunn. She satrted as a part of her friends’ birthday party. Each year, the contest grow. More kids to enter, more sponsors to support. Although it still remain the original vibe, friendly vibe.








The contest has been started last weekend with waist height waves. Although the waves LOOKED head high because of their hight. So it was so excited to watch how they charge on the waves.





Because the contest is for kids, many kids experienced this contest as a very first contest for their life. So some of them overwhelmed by nervousness. some kids were even crying but they didn’t give up. they went anyway. It was heartwarming to watch how kids are so ambitious to try new things.





Even I said, this contest has a friendly vibe, many were given a good experience to be successful as a pro-surfer such as John John Florence, former world champion, by entering this contest. 









The final og this year’s Menehune contest will be on this weekend. It is very good chance to witness the future champs!!





The contest place is Haleiwa Alii becah where the closest from Snoopy’s Surf Shop. So pleasse come and check it out our new items!!





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