「スヌーピーズサーフショップ2号店がホノルルにオープン!」New Snoopy’s Surf Shop Opening in Town!



Aloha, everybody! We have a good news for you!




New Snoopy’s Surf Shop, Diamond Head Store, opening on Janualy 24th, 2020!! Now you can access easily from the Waikiki hotels.






It is just like our Haleiwa store. The Motif of the products is that, you can feel ocean, Hawaii, summer and freedom. Of cause each one of them have Snoopy and Peanuts charactors such as Charlie Brown on it. Thus even you are not surfer, you would be satisfied with our products.





On top of that, inside store is like Snoopy’s museum. You can take cute pictures for your instagram.








Please come and check our new store to feel Snoopy’s atmosphere!





Snoopy’s Surf Shop ( Diamond Head Store)

Address(住所) : 3302 Campbell Ave Honolulu, HI 96815

Open Hours (営業時間): 10am to 6pm 10時〜18時