Happy New Year!! 太陽のお話:)

 In Haleiwa Store, Hawaii



Happy New Year, everybody!




It’s 2020. We made it. Yay!

How did you spend the first day of the new year? I assume, because of their custom, many Japanese people went to see the first rising sun in the new year?!




Let me tell you one of Hawaii’s ancient stories about the sun.





Long long time ago, there is a demigod called Maui. He loves his mother very much. His mom was a hard worker.  She makes clothes by tapa (plant material)  every single day.  Although the day was too short for her.  One day, she complained how short days are to Maui.  So, he put roap around the sun and made the sun to move slow. Thus in the summer, the day became longer than the day in winter.





Maui control nature just for his mother. It is heartwarming story, isn’t it? There are so many nice ancient stories in Hawaii.





Speaking of making us warm, for these windy days in Hawaii,  Snoopy’s Surf Shop is also selling clothes that make you warm.  Please come and check out new lines of our long sleeve shirts.





We hope you all have a great year!










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