スヌーピーズサーフショップ2号店ダイアモンドヘッド店オリジナル商品の紹介 Original items of Snoopy’s Surf Shop Diamond Head Store



It’s been more than ten days since 2nd Snoopy’s Surf Shop opened. Diamond Head store is getting to be more and more suitable for you.




This store is located between Lenard’s Bakery and Rainbow Drive-In. Both places serve very yummy food. So you can get two and/or three things that are popular for the tourists, done in the same time! Our workers are very kind and give a lot of Aloha to you whenever you come in the store. 



Here is the every good news for you. 

Now, the original items are averrable to sell at Diamonds Head store.

1コースター Coasters 

2Tシャツ T-shirt

3 バック bag 

4 タオル Towel 

5ステッカー Sticker 



You can get those inclusive product design items only at this store. Also some of the price are very reasonable as a souvenir for your friends. 



For inside and also outside, the design of the store are very cute. You can take good photos for your Instagram.




Please stop by freely. 



Snoopy’s Surf Shop ( Diamond Head Store)

Address(住所) : 3302 Campbell Ave Honolulu, HI 96815

Open Hours (営業時間): 10am to 6pm 10時〜18時


P.S. ノースショア、ハレイワのスヌーピーズサーフショップ1号店も、引き続きよろしくお願いします。

Our original store at Haleiwa is open as well. Please come by when you get to the North Shore.